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Department of History and Archaeology


Conservation techniques. Practical guidelines for archaeological conservation.

The course is mainly a practical guideline for field archaeologists and examines the importance of archaeological conservation, for the excavation, study, publication and preservation of archaeological finds.

It is primary objective is to enhance the practical experience of the students in conservation techniques applied in the lab, for objects made of various materials, including ceramics, stone, glass, metals and bone. The course also covers related topics such as marking and labeling, proper packing, transportation, and storage of antiquities.

Place: Conservation Unit (within the Museum of Archaeology and History of Art of the School of Philosophy)

Instructor: Dr. M. Roggenbucke (conservator of the School)

Program for academic year 2023-2024: every Tuesday -Wednesday - Thursday at 10:00-14:00, from 18/06-27/06/2024.