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Department of History and Archaeology


The taught part of the program consists of three core and three optional modules (10 ECTS each). The 15,000-20,000 word dissertation is on a subject of the student’s choice, supervised by a member of staff (15 ECTS). Fall semester is devoted to the three core modules, Spring semester to the optional modules, and the summer period is devoted to dissertation research and writing-up (dissertation submission deadline: 30 September).

* The attendance of classes and participation in all fieldtrips is obligatory

Core modules

Optional modules

On-site instruction

All courses include day trips to archaeological sites and museums within Athens and its environs; besides these, students are expected to participate in the following field trips around Greece (13 days of field trips in total):

  • Prehistoric Mycenae, the Archaeological Museum of Nauplion and ancient Epidaurus (two days).
  • The great sanctuary sites of Isthmia, Nemea, Olympia and Delphi (two days)
  • The Macedonian sites of Vergina, Pella and Dion (two days)
  • The Cyclades: the sites and museum of Naxos and the Prehistoric town of Akrotiri in Santorini (three days).
  • Knossos and other major Minoan sites on Crete (four days).

Module assessment

Each module is assessed by a 3,500-5,000 word essay. Additional types of assignment, such as oral presentations, shorter essays and/or written exams may apply to specific modules.